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10 Most Gorgeous 90’s Crushes

January 14 2017, 15:16pm

Posted by OYERS

These celebs were the focus of every boy’s fantasy back in the 90’s, and some of them look pretty amazing even today. What’s their secret? Probably money. Lots of money. They’ve made it big and starred in numerous hit TV shows and movies, all while feeding our adolescent minds with nasty images and wet dreams. No? Is it just me then? Liars!



Carmen Electra

One word – “Baywatch”. 99% of the cast, male and female, were hot as all hell and Carmen Electra was no exception. Today she’s a bit over 40, and she’s just as good looking. There might be some magic involved here, because she barely looks like she’s aged a day in the last 20-something years.


Christina Applegate

Better known to your dads as Kelly Bundy from the hilarious yet sexist, racist, and all sorts of other ‘ists’, by today’s touchy-feely TV standards, sitcom “Married with Children”, Christina Applegate was the bomb of the 80’s-90’s. That’s right, not “a bomb”, the bomb. Her character was dumbed down to infinity for the obvious comedic purposes, but Christina herself is pretty knowledgeable about things and stuff. Decades later after her debut, she started taking big roles in movies like “Anchorman”, and she looks just as sexy, as her past self. She’s even fought the dreadful breast cancer and is still going strong.

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