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The 11 Sexiest Mexicans in Hollywood!

January 14 2017, 15:18pm

Posted by OYERS

Hollywood is like a giant college dorm where actors, musicians, artists from all around the world trying to fit in, find their place, and pursue their craft. Trying to find your place in this ever changing city can’t be easy – it is even harder to stay true to who you really are. Today we will talk about eleven amazing artists and their crafts, who had been vocal and proud about their heritage. Let us take a look at the one of the hottest Mexicans in the land of the dreams, aka Hollywood.



1. Blanca Soto
Where do we even start with Blanca? An actress, a producer, a model, Miss Mexico World (yes, you read that correctly), Soto is out to get the world. This girl is the face of Garnier and is basically a walking #goal. Latin Times called her a new Sofia Vergara mostly because of her delightful accent. Watch out Hollywood: Blanca Soto is not messing around.

2. Eva Longoria 
If you are not in love with Eva – we can’t be friends. SHE IS a mega star who got her start on ‘The Young and the Restless’ and then won over our hearts with her portrayal of Gabrielle Solis on ‘The Desperate Housewives’. Eva is an activist, a restauranteur, and now the executive producer on a hit Lifestyle show ‘Devious Maids’. Nothing but love from us to this powerful lady.

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